5 Eyebrow Myths Your Clients Might Believe

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5 Eyebrow Myths Your Clients Might Believe

From over-plucking to bizarre DIY hacks, misconceptions about eyebrow care have persisted for years. As a cosmetologist, it’s your duty to stay informed and educate your clients about the truth behind these eyebrow myths. Let’s discuss five eyebrow myths your clients might believe and debunk them with facts.

Plucking Eyebrows Makes Them Grow Back Thicker

Contrary to popular belief, plucking eyebrows does not make them grow back thicker. Hair regrowth is determined by a person’s genetics and a hormone called DHT, not the act of plucking. Regular plucking can, however, damage the hair follicle over time, potentially resulting in thinner or no hair growth.

Shaving Eyebrows Causes Them To Grow Back Darker

Another common eyebrow myth your clients might believe is that shaving eyebrows causes them to grow back darker. While the regrowth may appear darker initially because the hair shaft’s blunt edge gives it a different texture, as the hair grows out, it will eventually return to its original color and texture.

Eyebrow Color Should Always Match Hair Color

When tinting eyebrows, cosmetologists don’t necessarily need to match eyebrow color to hair color. Instead, consider the importance of balance and contrast. For example, people with dark hair may benefit from slightly lighter eyebrows, while those with lighter hair may benefit from slightly darker brows.

Brow Laminations Are Time-Consuming

Contrary to popular belief, brow laminations are not time-consuming. Depending on the skills of the cosmetologist performing the treatment, a lamination could take as little as 45 minutes! Brow Laminations can also last up to 6 weeks with proper care, significantly reducing the amount of time spent on maintenance. With a brow lamination, your clients can enjoy beautiful, voluminous brows without spending hours in front of the mirror!

Brow Lamination Can Damage Eyebrows Long Term

Brow lamination can temporarily change the direction of hair growth to create a fuller, more uniform appearance. Although some low-quality products could potentially cause damage, trusted products, such as Elleebana Store USA’s Elleeplex eyebrow lamination, are safe and effective. These high-quality brow lamination solutions nourish, strengthen, and protect the hair, leaving clients with fabulous brows without any long-term damage.

Now that we’ve debunked these common eyebrow myths, you should be better equipped to guide your clients toward the best brow treatments and maintenance practices. Remember to consider each client’s unique features before suggesting a specific treatment or eyebrow shape.

And if you’re looking to expand your services, consider offering Elleebana Store USA’s Elleeplex brow lamination treatment. This powerful solution will give your clients flawless brows, debunking the myth that brow lamination is harmful in the long run. With the right product, you can give your clients salon-quality results without any risk of damage.

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