Elleeplex Profusion

Please click this link and watch the video before purchasing or using these products.

    Here is an example of processing times for a lash lamination service for ease of reference:

    Step1/Step2 combined with ReGen - Next Gen

    Fine Lashes 5/5 - Total 10 Minutes

    Medium Lashes 8/6 - Total 14 Minutes

    Strong Lashes 10/6 - Total 16 Minutes

    So as you can see in the examples given, it shows that if you normally use ReGen for step 3 for 3 minutes with the Elleebana Lash Lift System  the combining of the setting step together with the new Elleeplex ReGEN – Next Gen System has the total treatment time very similar.  

    Example Brow Lamination Processing Times 

    Fine Brow Hair - 4/4

    Medium Brow Hair 6/6

    Strong Brow Hair 8/6