Infinity Aqua Drops - Brow Hybrid Tint

These products are Only for Brows

The Infinity Tint range consists of 7 colors, (Black, Red, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Lightest Brown, Cool Toner and Blonde) and a 3% Oxidizer. It is a Henna-free, hybrid stain tint with bond-building properties. This formulation is a liquid tint for eyebrows only and is a brow and skin staining product. It offers up to a 10-day stain on skin and 6 weeks on hair. It features a much quicker process than our original Brow Henna line and provides 45 treatments in each tube. This tint has a very light viscosity, which gives the ability to help stain the skin a little more, along with the PPD percentages. Each Aqua drop tint requires the 3% Pump Bottle Oxidizer for activation. 

Infinity Aqua Drops Instructions for use