Elleebana Sample Packs

As a beauty professional, you want the best of the best for your clients. You actively seek out high-quality tools and products so you can provide fantastic service and impeccable results.

But shopping for beauty supplies is no easy feat. You won't know if a product meets your standards until you try it, but you don't want to purchase full-sized items and risk not liking them.

That's why we have Elleebana sample packs available for our top-selling products. Our lash lift sample kit includes Elleebana One Shot lift and setting solution sachets, a Y tool, and a timing sheet, while our lamination sample kit includes Elleeplex Profusion lifting and setting solution sachets, a pair of Wonder Wands, and a timing sheet. Try these Elleebana sample packs, and you'll be instantly sold! Created by Elleebana founder and cosmetic chemist Otto Mitter, these professional-grade systems are sure to meet even the most particular beauty professional's standards.