Lash and Brow Tint

Lash and brow tints can enhance your client's natural lash and brow color, or they can turn their hairs a whole new shade. Honey brown, black, blue, green, and more—the possibilities are endless when you use Elleebana Store USA's Belmacil tints to accentuate your client's unique style.

Licensed beauty professionals can purchase our lash and brow tints separately, or they can pick up one of our complete lash and brow tint kits. These kits contain all 10 Belmacil tint colors—black, blue, blue black, graphite, dark brown, honey brown, light brown, green, violet, and red—along with all necessary application tools. Whether your client wants to conceal gray hairs or make a statement with a bold look, brow and lash tinting can help them reach their beauty goals, especially when you use Belmacil products for best results