Lash Lift Kits

The lash lift—a revolutionary treatment that curls, defines, and enhances the natural lashes, without the need for extensions. It's a popular offering at salons worldwide; in fact, you probably offer it at your own!

If you want to stand out from the competition and provide the best lash lift services around, it's imperative to use top-quality products, and that's what Elleebana Store USA provides. Our lash lift kits contain all the products you need to create lusciously lifted lashes for your clients: professional-grade lift and neutralizer sachets, silicone flex rods, lash adhesive, makeup remover, and isolator tools. Engineered by Elleebana founder Otto Mitter, the products in our lash lift kits are designed to provide incredible results in under 20 minutes. Start saving time, impressing clients, and improving your salon's competitive ability—order an Elleebana lash lift kit today!