Common Lash Lifting Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

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Common Lash Lifting Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Professional cosmetologists and estheticians know that lash lifting is an art. It takes a great deal of thought, precision, and patience to create stunning lifted lashes for a client. If there’s one small mistake, though, your hard work could come crashing to the ground in an instant!

As a beauty artist, you want to give your clients the best results every time. The last thing you want is to have them leave your salon with dry and frizzy lashes. While mistakes aren't always avoidable—especially since every client has different needs and finding the correct size rod or shield and optimal processing times can be difficult—you can avoid mistakes by simply familiarizing yourself with the most common ones and why they happen.

Reduce the frequency of mistakes at your salon and increase the number of satisfied customers by learning about seven common lash lifting mistakes and how to avoid them.

Using Old or Low-Quality Glue

Cheap and low-quality lash glue doesn't adhere as well as high-quality glue. As glue ages, it loses its adhesive quality, so using it will yield poor results. After three months, you should dispose of any unused product and replace it with new glue. (However, note that most lash glues last three months after opening when it’s properly stored.)

When you are shopping for lash glues, choose one of Elleebana's amazing products, Original or Stronghold.

Using Too Much or Too Little Glue

Using too little glue will cause the lashes to come off the rod or shield. Using too much glue, on the other hand, will "seal" the lashes. When lashes are sealed, the glue can created a barrier and you won't be able to achieve a proper lift because the setting lotion won't permeate and absorb into the lashes.

Not Cleaning the Lashes Beforehand

Forgetting to clean the lashes is another common lash lifting mistake that you want to avoid. Before you lift the lashes, you need to clean them thoroughly. This removes any makeup, dirt, oil, and other residue that could interfere with the lash-lifting process. For the cleanest canvas to start with use Elleebana's Make Up Remover and then rinse thoroughly.

Not Waiting for the Lashes To Dry

Don't start lifting the second you're done washing the lashes. The lashes need to dry completely before you lift them. When lash glue touches water or other liquids, it dissolves, which means using it on damp lashes won't work. Quickly dry your client's lashes by using a small handheld fan or a hairdryer at low speed and at low heat. Check out our cute Elleebana LED Lash Drying Fan.

Using the Wrong Lifting Rods or Shields

You want to use Elleebana silicone rods or shields and use the proper size for your clients lashes. Our new Tree Tool 10 Pack has a convenient measuring gauge on it. The rod or shield should cover the entire length of the eyelid and accommodate all lashes—including the outermost lashes—to ensure a proper lift. In general, the shorter the lashes, the smaller the rod or shield should be. If you're unsure which size to use, medium-sized rods or shields work well with most eye shapes and lash lengths. As a general rule, the lashes should come up on the rod or shield about three fourths of the way.

Too Much or Too Little Exposure Time

If you don't let the processing lotion process long enough, you won't achieve as strong of a lift. But if you leave the processing lotion on for too long, the chemicals in the lotion can split or frizz your client’s lash hairs (over processing). Damage might not be immediately evident, but your client will eventually notice that their lashes look fried, see breaking, or unruly grow out.

So, how do you choose a processing time that's not too short, not too long, but just right? The ideal processing time depends on the strength, thickness, and density of your client's lashes. You can usually determine the strength, thickness, and density of a client's lashes by examining them. If you're still not sure what processing time to use after a visual examination, test the strength of your client's lashes by rolling them back onto a rod or shield. If the lashes resist the curl, they have a strong lash core and may need to process longer. Most lashes will require 6 minutes with the lifting lotion and 5 minutes with the setting lotion.

****The timings noted below are when using the Elleebana One Shot system. For Elleeplex Profusion timings please consult your manual, kit instruction card, or speak with an Elleebana Store USA representative.****

Fine Lashes

If your client has lashes that are thin, soft, sparse, or lightly colored, use a short processing time. A three-minute lift time and a two-minute set time are ideal for clients with extremely thin and fragile lashes. People with delicate-but-not-too-delicate lashes will benefit the most from a four-minute lift time and a three-minute set time. 

Medium Lashes

This is the processing time you'll use with most of your clients. It's intended for use on lashes that are of average strength, thickness, and density. When you are dealing with first-time and returning clients, use a six-minute lift time and five-minute set time. If a returning client mentions their last lift wasn't strong enough, use a seven-minute lift time and a five-minute set time. (Alternatively, you can use a smaller silicone rod.)

Strong Lashes

If your client has thick, dark, and abundant lashes that stubbornly resist lifting, you'll need to extend the processing time. An eight-minute lift time and a five-minute set time is usually enough to break down the most resilient lashes. However, if your client's lashes are particularly stubborn, you may need to use a 10-minute lift time and a five-minute set time.

Not Taking Notes

Every client is unique. It's crucial to take note of your client’s eye shape, lash length, and any health conditions prior to lifting so you can give each client exceptional and personalized care. Aside from studying your client's eye shape and lash length and inquiring about any health conditions or sensitivities, ask returning clients how they felt about their last lash lift to gauge whether their lashes need a different silicone rod or shield and/or processing time.

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Lash Lifting Common Mistakes

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