The Competitive Advantages of Carrying Elleebana Products

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The Competitive Advantages of Carrying Elleebana Products

Elleebana is a well-known name in the beauty industry. This Australian-born, globally loved company produces a wide array of top-quality lash and brow products for professional cosmetologists and estheticians around the world. If you’re considering making the switch to Elleebana products, learn about some of the competitive advantages of carrying Elleebana products—this may be what you need to convince yourself to take the leap. Discover the benefits of stocking and using Elleebana products in your salon below.

A Long, Reputable History

Founded over 25 years ago, Elleebana has a long, rich history in the beauty industry. What started off as a small company has blossomed into a globally adored business with a product line featuring dozens of unique and innovative products. With Elleebana’s years of experience producing top-of-the-line beauty goods, you can count on this brand for lash and brow products that don’t just meet but exceed your standards.

High-Quality Products

Elleebana knows that salon owners want to use only the safest, most efficient, and most stable products in their businesses. Award-winning cosmetic chemist and managing director Otto Miller—plus a team of talented researchers and designers—create Elleebana’s products, meticulously producing them to meet GMP (good manufacturing practices) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards. Therefore, you can count on Elleebana products—expertly made and thoroughly tested—for their quality.

Always Innovating

Elleebana has been around for over 25 years. The company has built a sizable catalog of products in that time frame, but Elleebana doesn’t rest on its laurels. Its team is constantly experimenting and innovating. The Elleebana product line improves and expands regularly, which means the products you’re buying always feature the newest innovations and play to the latest trends. In fact, Elleebana’s lash lift line expanded recently with the introduction of the new Flex Rods, which are new and improved silicone rods that allow for a faster, more comfortable, and less irritating lash lifting experience.

The beauty industry is fast-moving. Elleebana works ahead to create fresh, modern products that will help you keep ahead of the competition.

Wide Array of Products

Elleebana carries everything you need to beautify brows and lashes. From lash lifting kits to brow lamination kits to henna dye, this brand offers a wide array of products to choose from. No need to flit from store to store; you can get all the products you need in one place, saving time and money and ensuring that all the products in your salon are of consistent branding and quality.

Professional Training

If you’re hesitant to make the switch because you’re worried that learning a whole new set of products will be too hard and time consuming, don’t be! Elleebana offers professional training courses for its products both online and in person to make learning the ropes quick and easy, so you can customize your learning experience to fit your schedule. Take a training course, and you’ll be using Elleebana products like a pro in no time!

Vegan & Cruelty-Free Formulas

Elleebana is proud to offer products that are vegan and cruelty free. When you shop Elleebana, you get the peace of mind knowing that the products you’re purchasing were made kindly and sustainably.

In addition to the ethical benefits, there are also notable health benefits. Elleebana’s natural vegan formulas are extremely gentle on the skin, which makes them the perfect solutions for clients who need to be cautious about what they put on their skin due to allergies or sensitivities.

Available and Loved Worldwide

Elleebana is Australian born, but that doesn’t mean that salon owners who live outside of Oceania have to hop on a plane to stock up on their products. Thanks to Elleebana distributors such as Elleebana Store USA, you can purchase Elleebana products in over 60 countries, including the United States.

Fastest Processing Times in the Industry

Elleebana’s products have some of the fastest processing times in the industry. Lift, laminate, and tint in under an hour! Quick treatment times are beneficial to both you and your clients. They allow you to get clients in and out the door quickly; clients with hectic schedules are sure to appreciate this. Plus, the quicker you get clients in and out, the more clients you can see in a day, which translates into more profits. And more profits means that you, your employees, and your business can thrive.

Do No Harm

Many lash and brow treatments are unkind to the hair and potentially to the skin. (Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift System is not for use on the skin.) They can cause redness, itching, and dry, frizzy hair—and in some cases, they can even make hair fall out. We know it’s a common saying, but beauty doesn’t have to be pain. Elleebana strives to make its products as gentle and nourishing as possible. We still recommend patch-testing prior to treatment just to be safe, but most of Elleebana’s products work well even on clients with sensitive skin. And when used correctly, they’ll leave the lashes and brows looking healthier, shinier, and stronger.

Your clients shouldn’t have to worry about breaking out in hives or ruining their lashes or brows each time they come in for a treatment. They should be able to sit down in that chair confidently, knowing that their lashes and brows will come out prettier and healthier than ever.

Makes Your Job Easier

Who doesn’t wish their job was easier? Running a salon is hard work, and Elleebana thinks you deserve a break. Elleebana’s products are easy and quick to use with proper training. Minimal fuss means you can complete treatments quickly; why not use that extra time you get back to relax before your next appointment?

If you’re ready to make the switch now that you know the competitive advantages of Elleebana products, Elleebana Store USA can make the transition easy. We’re a US-based distributor that’s proud to be one of Elleebana’s Top Distributors for 2021! We carry the full Elleebana lineup, including lash lift kits, lash and brow lamination kits, and two lines of tints. We also offer training courses so that you can learn how to use your new Elleebana products from a highly trained professional. Shop today and see the Elleebana difference!

The Competitive Advantages of Carrying Elleebana Products

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