Tips To Make Your Client’s Eyebrow Tint Last Longer

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Tips To Make Your Client’s Eyebrow Tint Last Longer

Tinting is a fantastic way to darken up light or sparse brows. You can also use tints to give your client's brows a fabulous pop of personality and color. Unfortunately, tints aren't forever, though they do last an impressively long time. A tint can last your client anywhere from three to eight weeks with proper care.

If you want to ensure your clients get the most out of their tint treatment, check out these tips to make your client's eyebrow tint last longer. By following these four simple tinting rules, you can create amazing results that last.

Clean the Brows Before You Apply

Before you apply the tint, you should ensure your client's brows are clean—no traces of shadow, pencil, or powder allowed! The cleaner the brows, the better the tint will absorb. Use a face-safe and non-oil-based cleanser. Elleebana Make Up Remover is a gentle but effective cleanser. Oil, like makeup, makes it harder for tints to penetrate the hair.

Dry the Brows Off After Cleaning

After cleaning your client's brows, dry them properly. Water and other liquids can mix with the tint and dilute or neutralize it, which can result in a less vibrant tint. You can use a soft cloth to dry the brows or our handheld fan.

Store Your Tints and Activators Properly

 Another tip to make your client's eyebrow tint last longer is to store your tints and activators properly. If you store them in less-than-ideal conditions, they can lose some of their effectiveness. Always store your tints and activators in a cool, dark place with the cap screwed on securely. When you take them out, shake them well prior to use. This guarantees stellar results every time.

Educate Clients on Aftercare

There are a few steps you can personally take to prolong your client's tint, but once they leave your salon, the situation is out of your hands. Providing your clients with an aftercare instruction manual and Elleeplex Aftercare before they leave arms them with the information and product they need to take care of their brows and preserve their tint at home.

For at least 24 hours post-treatment, clients should avoid touching, rubbing, washing, and using makeup on their brows. To prolong tint color, it's recommended that the client stay out of direct sunlight and use oil-free products on and around the brows. 

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