What Are the Benefits of Lash Lamination?

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What Are the Benefits of Lash Lamination?

The lash lamination, perhaps more commonly known as the lash lift, is a trendy treatment touted as an excellent alternative to extensions. It lifts and curls the natural lashes for a noticeable but refined look. If you're considering offering this treatment at your salon but want to know if it's worth it, here are four benefits of lash lamination for you and your clients.

Natural-Looking Results

Lash laminations provide dramatic yet natural-looking results. This is because all they do is enhance your clients' existing lashes. Unlike lash extensions, laminations don't make the lashes look exaggerated and fake. They provide a subtle lift and curl that people will notice and compliment—but not question.

Suitable for All Lash and Eye Types

People with thin or sparse lashes tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to lash treatments. Extensions, for example, don't always work on clients with short or sparse lashes because the fans don't have enough to grip onto and fall out prematurely as a result. Laminations, however, work with what your client already has. Anyone can get them, no matter the condition of their natural lashes or their eye shape.


Laminated lashes require minimal aftercare. Your client will need to avoid moisture, heat, steam, harsh rubbing, and sleeping on their stomach for the first day or two. But after this 24–48 hour period, they can resume life as normal. Plus, the results of the lamination should last four to six weeks. During this time, your client won't have to touch a curler or mascara tube (if tint is applied). Their lashes will look flawless as soon as they roll out of bed.

Quick and Simple

Lamination is a quick and simple process. Using Elleeplex Profusion, you can perform a treatment in under an hour from start to finish. The exact processing time will vary from client to client, but for most, all that's needed is an 8–12 minute lift time and a 6–10 minute set time. This allows you to speedily get clients in and out your door to maximize profits.

Now you know the benefits of lash lamination. They're fast and easy to perform, work on all kinds of lashes and eye types, and provide stellar, low-maintenance, long-lasting results.

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