Elleebana Lash Extensions and Accessories

Elleebana Store USA is proud to stock Elleebana lash extensions and accessories. Elleebana Eyelash Extensions are hand-cut, rolled, and heated to set the curl of the lash. The extensions are designed to give more impact than most others can achieve. All lashes are crafted using PBT (a high-quality Korean fiber).

Elleebana lash extensions are jet black with a semi-gloss finish (no blue hue).

They pack a more powerful punch than other lash extensions while still looking natural, soft, and fluffy.

In addition to lashes, we also have assorted Elleebana lash extension tools. We have two types of Elleebana lash extension glue available: Super Pro and Power Bond. Both are clear, quick-to-cure formulas with slightly different cure rates so that you can control how quickly the glue sets. You'll also find primers, tweezers, tape, and more in our selection of professional-grade Elleebana lash extension products.