Colorado Elleebana Training

Colorado Elleebana Training

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We professionals are always learning in order to stay relevant and to enhance our skills.

Why wait for the one day a month, a quarter, or a year that a course takes place?  When you choose to train with me to learn Elleebana lash lifting or lamination (brow and/or lash) or brow henna application, you are going to be able to train at a time that is more convenient to you. You can learn each of those applications in one day.

 Hands-on trainings occur in my studio, and you are typically the only trainee so that you get focused attention.  Past trainees have appreciated being able to ask questions and to work free of possible judgment by fellow trainees. 

You can also learn online if you want to take more time to absorb information and to watch techniques over and over again.  Elleebana's online courses are extraordinary.

Lash and Brow Lamination Combo course is a 2 day course.

If you are interested in purchasing a conversion course, please send a copy of your prior certificate to so that I can get you approved through headquarters to take the course before you make your purchase.

For 2024 class dates please click here.

Need a different date than what is shown on the hands on dates page, please contact me directly at (719) 351-4837