Infinity Aqua Drops - Blonde

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Welcome The worlds first henna-free liquid hybrid stain with bond-building properties!


Infinity's patent pending ground breaking formula includes 53 peptide bond builders to treat, protect and repair the brow hairs. 

Aqua Drops offer a hybrid skin stain and brow hair tint with longer lasting results while treating brow hairs to create a deeper, more realistic result. A skin stain like henna, but the brow hair tint like traditional color! This 2-in-1 tint is safe for use after an Elleebana Brow Lamination service, is Vegan and animal cruelty free!

Each 15mL tube contains 45 treatments.
  • Henna Free
  • Lamination Friendly
  • Peptide Bond-infused Formula
  • Repairs and Treats broken and damaged hair
  • Up to10 Day stain on skin
  • Up to 6 Week stain on hair
  • Pairs with a 3% Pump Bottle Oxidant