Infinity Liquid Tint Spray Oxidizer

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Welcome The worlds first henna-free liquid hybrid stain with bond-building properties!


Infinity's patent pending ground breaking formula includes 53 peptide bond builders to treat, protect and repair the brow hairs. 

A hybrid 3% liquid tint oxidizer with a spray nozzle in a 60ml size. For Ultimate control when mixing your tints. This can be used with both brush and airbrush application.

Yet another World First! This is the first Spray Liquid Oxidizer ever made!

With Infinity's Spray Oxidizer, there is no need to drip or make a mess, just spray and mix! 

Simple Airbrush instructions: 

Add this product to your Aqua Drops, just to thin. This will activate the stain and also make the drops thinner and easy to Airbrush with!  (Approximately 3 drops to 1 spray pump.)

Apply your eyebrow shaping tool to pre-mapped brows and spray on three thin layers, allowing each layer to dry between application. 

Spray lightly toward the fronts of the brows for an ombre effect. 

Let sit 10 to 20 min after Third application.