Infinity Clear Tint Palette

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Welcome The worlds first henna-free liquid hybrid stain with bond-building properties!


Infinity's patent pending ground breaking formula includes 53 peptide bond builders to treat, protect and repair the brow hairs. 

This artist Palette makes all of your Lash/Brow lift or Tinting services easy! This product comes with our Buff and is clear.  With sections for your lifting products, you can easily transport products and keep them separate for the service.  You are ready to custom blend your colors by using tinting ratios easily! You just need to fill up the sections with tint, until you have 100% of the area covered, then fill the developer section with an equal amount of your developer and mix the 2 sections together. This tool is washable, sanitizable and reusable. You can wash and sanitize between services or purchase multiple to use through your busy day and wash them all when you are finished.