3 Reasons To Offer a Brow Lamination at Your Salon

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3 Reasons To Offer a Brow Lamination at Your Salon

Brow laminations are a procedure that's growing increasingly popular. If you don't currently offer them at your salon but have been considering doing so, learning about the advantages of lamination may help you decide. Take a look at these three reasons to offer brow lamination services and see how they can benefit both you and your clientele!

It's Non-Invasive and Painless

Many tout brow lamination as a non-invasive and painless alternative to microblading. Whereas microblading uses tiny, pigment-covered needles to fill in the brows, brow lamination uses a fast-processing and gentle formula that's applied to the brows with a soft-bristled applicator brush. While brow lamination isn't without its risks, it's far less likely to irritate the skin and shouldn't hurt your client.

It's Quick and Easy To Do

When you use Elleeplex Profusion to laminate your client's brows, the procedure goes speedily. While processing times vary based on the condition of the client's brows, lifting generally takes no more than eight minutes and setting no more than six. In under half an hour, your client will get to walk confidently out of your salon boasting beautifully filled-in and sculpted brows.

It Provides Amazing Results

Another reason to offer brow lamination services at your salon is that it provides amazing results! Brow lamination softens the hair follicles, which makes them malleable and effortless to groom. Lamination lifts and fills in the brows, and it also brushes them into a tidier, straighter, more flattering shape.

This procedure is ideal for clients who have naturally thin, curly, uneven, or unruly brow hairs, but anyone can get it. The results last for six to 8 weeks, depending on the client's brow growth cycle, so lamination is a fantastic semi-permanent option for those who want a dramatic yet natural change.

Brow lamination is an affordable, long-lasting treatment that clients will love. It's simple to perform, quick, and pairs well with other procedures like tints, allowing you to maximize your profits.

If you're considering offering brow lamination at your beauty salon, Elleebana Store USA has the reliable, high-quality tools you need to get started. We carry Elleebana brow lamination kits that contain everything you need to perform brow laminations, including sachets of lifting and setting solution, makeup remover, an applicator brush, and more.

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