Can You Do a Brow Tint and Lamination at the Same Time?

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Brow lamination grooms the brows, making them appear shapely and orderly. Brow tint makes brows look fuller and gives them a burst of color. What if you were to combine these two revolutionary treatments for the ultimate brow makeover? If you want to know if you can do a brow tint and lamination at the same time, we cover the answer here!

Can You Do a Lamination and Tint Together?

Absolutely, yes. You can apply the tint after the brow lamination because the chemicals in the lamination lifting and setting lotions open the hair cuticles. This will make the tinting a much quicker procedure and provide rich, long-lasting color that will accentuate the laminated brows.

Why Do a Lamination and Tint Combo?

We highly recommend doing a brow tint and lamination during the same appointment. The main benefit of dual brow lamination and tint is how the treatments complement each other. Lamination shapes the brows, while the tint fills in the brows, making them look thicker and shapelier.

The tint also evens out and saturates the color. This gives your client full, dark, and neat-looking brows. And because this combo treatment is non-invasive and only semi-permanent, it makes a great, short-term alternative to microblading or powder brows.

When To Tint

You should always perform the tint after the lamination. This is because the perming solution used for the lamination temporarily makes the brows more receptive to the dye. The color will penetrate the hair cuticles faster and easier, resulting in a richer, more vibrant result.

Prior to the lamination, you should clean your client’s brows thoroughly to remove any makeup, dirt, and debris. Then perform the brow lamination and afterward, apply the oxidized tint and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes to process. Be sure to keep a close eye on the color as the tint processes because tinting after a lamination causes the tint to process faster than the standard recommendations. If you’re not careful, the tint could overprocess and result in too dark of color or damage the brow hairs.

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