4 Common Misconceptions About Lash Lifts

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4 Common Misconceptions About Lash Lifts

Lash lifts provide countless benefits, among them beautiful, long-lasting curls! But some salons are hesitant to offer them, and some clients are hesitant to get them. This is because of some rumors that make them seem more complicated or risky than they actually are. Below, we debunk four common misconceptions about lash lifts and reveal the truth about this safe, innovative lash treatment.

They Damage the Lashes and Skin

If you let the lashes overprocess or if the client is allergic to the lash lift formula, then yes, lash lifts can harm the lashes and skin. But you can avoid harm by performing a patch test, letting the lashes process for the correct amount of time, and following up the treatment with a nourishing after-formula.

More Solution Means a More Dramatic Lift

You might be tempted to apply solution across the full length of the lashes for a more dramatic lift, but this can lead to overprocessed, frizzy hairs. You should only apply solution three-fourths of the way up the natural lash, starting 1 millimeter above the lash line. The tips of natural lashes are finer than the base, so putting solution on the tips could be potentially harmful to them.

They Take a Lot of Time To Do

Exact processing times will vary depending on the condition of your client’s natural lashes. However, you should be able to complete a lash lift treatment in under an hour—from start to finish—using Elleebana’s One Shot or Profusion lash lift formulas.

You Should Only Use Small Rods or Shields

Rods and shields are small, curved silicone tools you place on top of a client’s eyelids and pull their lashes up onto. They separate the lashes from the skin and determine the type of curl the lash lift provides. It’s a common belief that smaller rods or shields provide the most prominent curl.

However, you should choose your rod or shield size based on the length of your client’s natural lashes. Using too small—or too large—of a shield can result in an unnatural or underwhelming lash lift. Medium shields work well on most clients. But clients with smaller eyes and shorter lashes may need a small size, while those with bigger eyes and longer lashes may need a large or extra-large size.

There are a lot of misconceptions about lash lifts. Now that we’ve debunked these four common ones, you can avoid mistakes and improve the quality of your lash lifts fear-free. For even better lash lift results, come and shop Elleebana Store USA’s collection of professional-quality Elleebana products. From rods and shields to formulas, we have it all. You can even buy an Elleebana lash lift kit that contains all the items you need to lift successfully.

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