Tips To Help Your Clients Grow Longer Eyelashes

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Tips To Help Your Clients Grow Longer Eyelashes

Long, thick lashes are all the rage, but not everyone gets blessed with them from the get-go. If you have clients that want to grow out their lashes, check out these four tips to help them get longer lashes.

Comb Them

Combing the lashes removes dirt and makeup stuck stubbornly in the hair. This prevents clumping, tangling, and the premature fall-out that could affect the lashes' visual and actual length. Combing also temporarily lifts and curls the lashes to make them appear longer and more voluminous. Your client can easily brush their lashes at home using a specialized comb.

Moisturize With Oil or a Serum

Not all oils are safe for use around the eyes, but coating the lashes in a thin layer of vitamin E oil, olive oil, castor oil, or coconut oil as part of a daily beauty routine could help them grow by moisturizing and nourishing them. Alternatively, your client could use a lash growth serum, a liquid product specially formulated to grow the lashes by locking in moisture and providing essential, growth-stimulating vitamins and nutrients.

Minimize Makeup

Another tip to help your clients grow longer eyelashes is to recommend that they cut down on their makeup use. Wearing thick mascara or lash extensions puts pressure on the lashes, weakening them. And rubbing to remove makeup can further damage the lashes and make them fall out. Taking a break from makeup could be beneficial to your client’s lashes and give them room to breathe and grow.

Try a Lash Lift Treatment

A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment involving using a serum to perm or lift a client’s natural lashes. It provides natural yet dramatically curled results. While you might assume treating the lashes would make them weaker, lash lifts help the lashes grow because they eliminate the need for makeup. And when paired with a nourishing after-formula like Elleeplex ReGen, lash lifts can strengthen existing lashes and encourage new, healthy growth.

Now that you know how to encourage new lash growth, you can provide your clients with professional advice to help them achieve their full, long dream lashes. And by shopping at Elleebana Store USA, you can stock your salon with the supplies you need to perform lifts on clients whose lashes could benefit from them. We sell various Elleebana-brand lash products; you can even buy an Elleebana lash lift kit with all the essentials in one place.

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