8 Tips for Training Your Staff on Elleebana Products

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8 Tips for Training Your Staff on Elleebana Products

Is your salon making the switch to Elleebana products, or have you recently hired or opened a new location with all-new beauty artists? To ensure your staff can handle this change, you'll need to train them on the proper use of Elleebana products. Here are our top eight tips for training your staff on Elleebana products. Use this advice to take your staff from Elleebana novices to bona fide pros.

Know the Products In and Out

If you want to personally teach your staff, you should take an official course and get certified. Even if you’re already familiar with Elleebana’s products, it doesn't hurt to get certified to ensure you have all the latest info to share with your staff. It should also be mentioned that some insurance providers won’t cover you unless you are certified to use a particular product.

Take It One at a Time

Elleebana has dozens of products. Teaching your staff about them all at once isn't the wisest idea, as it's sure to overwhelm them. It's best to take the training process one product at a time.

Determine which products you need to train your staff on and select training dates for each one. For example, you can train on Elleeplex Profusion one week, then teach about Elleebana Brow Henna the next. While most would be inclined to start the training session with the most important products, we recommend saving the best for last. This way, your staff will leave the session with the most crucial info at the forefront of their minds.

Make It Interactive

A training session is only useful if your staff can retain what they are taught. The best way to help your staff retain what they learn is to make the session as visually appealing and interactive as possible.

Oral and text-only PowerPoint presentations have their merits, but they can quickly get boring and lose your staff’s attention. Visual mediums like videos and images will make the session more interesting. The more interesting your staff finds the session, the more likely they are to pay attention, and the more attention they pay, the better they’ll learn and remember the information.

If possible, it’s best to give your staff hands-on practice with the products. Just because someone understands how to use a product in theory doesn't mean they'll be able to successfully use it in practice, which is why hands-on experience is so crucial! Let your staff hold the product and tools and test them out on a training head. This way, they can get a feel for the product and start developing muscle memory of the application process.

Use Demo Videos

Don't worry—you don't have to put together a whole training presentation yourself. On Elleebana's YouTube page, you'll find a treasure trove of academic videos you can use to train your staff. These demos show how to use a variety of Elleebana products step by step. Videos are the next best thing to hands-on training. They're a valuable resource for those new to Elleebana products, so use them generously in your training!

Encourage Questions

Questions are a good thing—they show that your staff is engaged with the training and want to know more. Consider adding a Q&A session to your training schedule. During this session, your staff can ask about anything that’s on their minds. This allows you to clarify any points of confusion and provide extra detail where needed. Not only does encouraging questions ensure your staff comes out of the training feeling confident, but it also allows you to see where your training was lacking so that you can improve it for the future.

Hand Out Cheat Sheets

It'll take time for your staff to fully absorb the information provided during training. To help them remember in the meantime, consider providing them with a cheat sheet that goes over the main points of the training session. This gives them something to study at home or reference if they're unsure about a certain step. Of course, your staff can't rely on cheat sheets forever, but they're useful for the immediate post-training period when their brains are still processing and indexing what they just learned.

Sign Up for a Training Program

If you’d prefer to have certified staff, there’s no better way to do so than working with one of Elleebana’s professional trainers. Elleebana offers a wide array of training courses led by Elleebana Educators. Your staff can take these courses in person or online. Whether they need to know how to lift lashes or tint brows with henna, Elleebana's training courses offer an in-depth look at Elleebana products and how to use them.

At the start of each course, the Elleebana Educator will provide your staff members with a training kit and a student manual. Over the course of several sessions, your staff will learn about Elleebana products and how to use them, plus get tips on how to master their application technique. At the end of each course, a broad assessment, and approval of case studies, each member of your staff will receive an Official Elleebana Certification proving that they understand how to use the products and perform the related treatments correctly. Sign your staff up for a training date today!

Provide Follow-Up Training

Training isn't a one-and-done thing. You should offer a training refresher at least once a year and any other time there are alterations to the product. You should also undergo individual training with any new beauty artists you hire.

This ensures your staff hasn't blotted out what they learned and that they stay up to date with what's new at Elleebana and in the beauty world.

Training is a long, winding road, but once you get to the end, your staff will be able to use Elleebana products correctly and confidently on clients. Use these tips for training your staff on Elleebana products to craft a training presentation that provides them with all the information they need to succeed.

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8 Tips for Training Your Staff on Elleebana Products

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