4 Post-Care Tips To Give Your Clients After a Brow Tint

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4 Post-Care Tips To Give Your Clients After a Brow Tint

Once your client leaves your salon, the job of maintaining their tint falls into their hands. To help them succeed, here are four post-care tips to give your clients after a brow tint. By following this advice, they can keep their tint looking fresh and fierce for weeks to come.

Don't Get the Brows Wet

For the first 24 to 48 hours post-tint, your client will need to say no to water and steam if they don't want their results to fade. This means no baths or showers, no saunas, and especially no swimming! If they feel the urge to clean themselves during this time, recommend that they keep dry shampoo and conditioner handy.

Stay Out of the Sun

No, this doesn't mean your client has to become a hermit. It just means they should exercise a bit of caution when out in the sun because strong sun/UV light can hasten how quickly their tint color fades. Wearing a sun hat is usually enough to keep the sun's harsh rays at bay.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

After 24 hours, your client can resume using makeup and other products on their brows, but they should avoid oil-based products. The oil in these products can strip the tint and make it fade faster.

No Touching

The final post-care tip to give your clients after a brow tint is this: no touching! While gently touching the brows is unlikely to ruin their tint, rough rubbing or prodding can.

Hopefully, this list of post-care tips will help you and your clients create beautifully tinted brows that last. A great way to maintain the colored brows longer is to apply Elleeplex Aftercare daily. This will also keep their brows more healthy. On the topic of tints—if you need to stock up on products for your next appointment, come see what we have to offer. At Elleebana Store USA, we carry all ten colors of Belmacil brow tints plus more. With our inventory of high-quality Elleebana-brand products, you can craft brow tint results that will wow everyone.

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