Beautiful Eyebrow Tint Colors for Blonde Hair

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Beautiful Eyebrow Tint Colors for Blonde Hair

One of the hardest parts of tinting is finding the perfect shade for your client. If you're not sure what tint color to use on a client with blonde hair, here are some beautiful eyebrow tint colors for blonde hair we recommend.

For Platinum Blondes

For platinum blondes, it's best to go up a shade or two. Going lighter can give your client's brow a bleached/invisible look—which is great if that's what they're going for. Otherwise, it may not be your client's jam!

For Light Blondes

For light blondes, we recommend a honey brown tint. It will add definition to the brows without making them look too much darker than the client’s hair.

For Medium Blondes

For a natural look, use a soft, light brown on medium blondes.

For Dark Blondes

Dark blondes tend to look best with a dark or deep brown hue for the brows.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that you don't need to follow the above rules strictly. They're basic guidelines that can help your clients achieve a natural look. When it comes to brow tinting, blondes have a lot of flexibility! Depending on the look the client is going for, they can either darken their brows (for a thicker, more defined look) or lighten them (for a softer, gentler look). They can also try out a wide variety of unnatural shades. To determine the best brow tint color for your client, just ask them what they want! There are countless beautiful eyebrow tint colors for blonde hair, ranging from graphite to red.

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