How To Correct a Customer's Henna Brow Mishap

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How To Correct a Customer's Henna Brow Mishap

Henna is a plant-based dye you can use to tint your client's skin, hair, and more. While henna tint treatments are relatively easy to perform, several things can cause a procedure to go awry! Mistakes are especially common if a client decides to DIY their tint rather than rely on a professional. If you need help correcting a customer's henna brow mishap, we go over some common henna brow issues and how to address them below.

The Henna Didn't Work

Did your client's last henna brow treatment not work? Once the treatment was over, there was no stain left on the hair or the skin. This can occur for one of two reasons.

Reason number one is if there was too short of a processing time. For Elleebana Brow Henna, you should leave the henna on for a minimum of 20 minutes. We recommend 30 minutes for the best result. If processing time is the issue, you can fix your client's brows by redoing the treatment and letting the henna sit longer.

Reason number two is because the tint color you or your client chose was too light. If you use a color that's too light for your client's current brow or skin color, it may not show up very well. Using a darker shade should fix your client's brows right up.

The Brows Look Too Dark

There are also situations where the tint can come out too dark. When this occurs, it's usually because of using too dark of a color. You'll have to wait until the current tint fades before you can re-tint the brows, but in the meantime, you can use a silicone-based makeup remover to remove the stain from the skin. This should make the tint look a bit lighter. Then you need to wait six to eight weeks for the tint to fade from the brow hairs. Once the tint fades, you can perform another tint using a shorter processing time or a different shade.

The Shape Is All Wrong

Most tints only dye the brow hairs, but henna tints dye both the hairs and stain the skin beneath. This means you can use it to manipulate the shape of a client's brows. But what if the shape ends up looking uneven or splotchy? You need to apply henna very carefully to achieve the desired shape. But if the shape winds up a bit wonky, don't despair. You have a few options for fixing this.

Your client can use certain products like micellar water, coconut oil, or a silicone-based makeup remover to remove or fade parts of the stain. Alternatively, they can wait until the pigmented skin cells shed, which should only take between 2 and 14 days. And to avoid this in the future, you can use a cream or patches to outline the area you want to stain. This ensures a smooth, even look.

The Henna Left a Yellow Stain

Did the henna leave a noticeable yellow outline around the brows? This typically happens to clients who used moisturizers, sunscreen, or spray tan prior to tinting their brows. The residue from these skincare items reacts with the henna, creating the yellow stain. To avoid this, your client should avoid using facial products for a week prior to their tint. This ensures all the residue has time to leave the skin cells. Additionally, you need to thoroughly clean their brow area before the tinting procedure to remove any beauty products left behind.

The Henna Didn't Last

There are a few things that can cause a henna tint to fade quickly. For example, henna tends to fade faster on clients with oily skin! But the most likely explanation for a premature fade is your client not following post-care instructions properly. To ensure your client's brow tint lasts, tell them to follow these crucial care tips. These will minimize fading:

Keep Them Dry

Your client should avoid moisture and steam for 24-48 hours post-treatment. No showers, no baths, no saunas, and they should be cautious when cooking or exercising heavily as well.

Avoid Facial Products

For 24-48 hours, your client should avoid using products like pencils or creams on and around their brows.

Stay Out of the Sun

Sun exposure can make a tint fade faster. Wearing a hat when out in the sun can extend the life of your client's henna tinted brows.

By following these three simple post-care instructions, your client can get the most out of their henna tint.

The Client Is Allergic

Did your client break out in red rashes or hives after their treatment? Uh-oh! They probably have an allergy or sensitivity. While henna is natural and more allergy friendly than most chemical-heavy tints, it can still cause unwanted reactions.

To avoid this, you should perform a patch test on each client prior to moving ahead with the tint. To perform a patch test, place a small amount of product in a discrete area of your client's body, like behind an ear or in the crook of their elbow. Ideally, you want to let this sit for 24-48 hours and have your client report any redness, itching, or other concerning reactions. If the client has no reaction to the product, it's safe to proceed with the full tint. If they react, you'll need to find a different tinting product to use or cancel the treatment for their health and safety.

Now that you know how to correct your customer's henna brow mishaps, you can avoid common henna brow tinting mistakes or fix them quickly to ensure your clients leave your salon with results both of you can be proud of.

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How To Correct a Customer's Henna Brow Mishap

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