Lash Lift Rods vs. Shields: How Do You Choose?

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Rods and shields are essential lash lift tools that every lash technician needs. But choosing which one to use on a client isn’t always easy.

Lash lift rods vs. shields: how do you choose? Both tools are easy to use and produce exceptional results, but there are some instances where you should use one over the other. Here’s how to choose which lash lift tool is best for your client.

What Are Rods? What Are Shields?

Rods and shields are both reusable lash lift tools made from medical-grade silicone. They bond to the client’s eyelids with a skin-safe lash lift adhesive, and they separate, lift, and curl the natural lashes. The main differences between rods and shields are their appearance, the sizes they come in, and the kind of curl they produce.

Rods, as the name suggests, are shaped like curved rods. They come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. If you want to create a subtle, graceful curl, rods are the way to go!

Shields have a similar shape to tortoiseshell hair clips. They’re flatter than rods and cover more of the skin. Shields come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. They create a bold and dramatic curl.

How Do I Choose?

So how do you choose between lash lift rods and shields? Above all else, you should consider the kind of eyes and lashes your client has. You also need to keep in mind the effect your client wants to achieve with their lash lift. Do they want eye-catching and head-turning lashes or ones that look soft and natural?

When To Use Rods

Rods work well with most eye and lash types. If your client has small eyes, rods are ideal since you can trim them down.

Rods create a “C” or “CC” curl for the lashes. The size of the rod determines how dramatic the curl is. The larger the rod, the subtler the lift, and the smaller the rod, the more noticeable the lift. You should always select the correct rod size based on the length of your client's lashes.

When To Use Shields

Avoid using shields with clients that have hooded eyes, deep-set eyes, or short lashes. They create a strong and striking “L” curl.

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