Quick Introduction to Elleebana Wholesale Products

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Quick Introduction to Elleebana Wholesale Products

If you’re new to Elleebana, let us give you the grand tour! In this quick introduction to Elleebana wholesale products, we’ll introduce you to Elleebana, explain what “wholesale” means, and teach you about what we do and the products we sell. Read on to learn more!

Meet Elleebana & Elleebana Store USA

Elleebana is an Australian-born, globally loved beauty company that provides high-quality products and training to beauty artists and educators across the globe. Known for its passion, dedication, and superior products and services, Elleebana is the number one choice for business-owners who are determined to keep up in the fast-paced beauty world.

Of course, Elleebana couldn’t reach the entire world alone, and that’s where distributors like us come in! Elleebana Store USA is an authorized distributor of Elleebana products in the USA. Our goal is to provide beauty artists around the country with the high-quality products they need for their salons. We’re proud to have been among the finalists for the 2021 Elleebana Distributor of the Year award, a title that tells you we love what we do!

What Does “Wholesale” Mean?

“Wholesale” means we buy products in bulk from Elleebana so that we can provide them at great prices to beauty artists like you in the US! It’s as simple as that.

What Kinds of Products Are There?

At Elleebana Store USA, we sell the full line of Elleebana products. We carry lash lift products, brow lamination products, lash and brow tints, brow henna, and application and aftercare products such as rods, shields, brushes, adhesives, Elleevate Mascara, Elleeplex Aftercare, and Elleebana Make Up Remover. Whatever you need to make your clients’ lashes and brows look stunning, we have!

What Are the Benefits of Using Elleebana Products?

Where should we start? Here are some of the top benefits of using Elleebana products in your salon:

Professionally Formulated Products

Otto Mitter, an award-winning cosmetics chemist and Elleebana’s founder, is an expert when it comes to creating lash and brow products. You can be sure that any products Elleebana puts out meet his high standards!

Green and Healthy Products

Many lash and brow products can be harsh on the hairs. Elleebana is working to change that. Our products are green, cruelty free, and made with gentle ingredients that nourish the hair rather than harm it. They’re great for clients with sensitive skin or sparse, brittle hair.

Fast Treatment Times

One thing Elleebana is known for is fast treatment times. In fact, our products have some of the fastest treatment times in the industry. Get a lash lift and tint done in less time than other brands. Fast treatment times translate into higher client satisfaction, more clients per day, and increased profits for your business.

We hope this quick introduction to Elleebana wholesale products has been helpful in familiarizing you with the Elleebana brand! For Elleebana wholesale products, shop Elleebana Store USA. Whether you need lash lift products, Belmacil tints, or anything else, we can provide you with top-quality products that will help your salon flourish. Shop today!

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