Common Mistakes When Applying a Brow Lamination

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Common Mistakes When Applying a Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is an excellent treatment for those who want to make their brows look fuller and shapelier. Thanks to its growing popularity, we highly recommend offering it as a treatment at your salon. That said, learning how to laminate brows takes time and practice. When you’re first starting out, it’s not uncommon to make mistakes. Here are four common mistakes when applying a brow lamination and how to avoid them to help you keep blunders to a minimum.

Forget the Patch Test

Prior to the treatment, you want to perform a patch test on your client to ensure they have no adverse reactions to the product. Apply a small amount of product behind your client’s ear or in the crook of their elbow, instruct them to leave it on for at least 24 hours, and check for any redness, inflammation, or other reactions. If there’s no reaction, you can proceed with the lamination.

Not Cleaning the Brows

Another thing you need to do before you start laminating is clean the client’s brows. Use Elleebana Make Up Remover to gently remove makeup and oil from the brows and around the eye area. This preps the brows for treatment by removing anything that could potentially interfere with the lamination process.


Depending on your clients’ brows, processing times differ. See below for recommended processing times for Elleeplex Profusion:

  • Short: four minutes lift and four minutes set
  • Medium: six minutes lift and six minutes set
  • Strong: eight minutes lift and six minutes set

Use a short processing time for clients with thin, light brows, a medium processing time for clients with brows of average thickness and darkness, and a strong processing time for clients with thick and dark brows.

Wrong Brush

Another common mistake when applying a brow lamination is using a brush with thick bristles. After applying the lift formula, you need to brush the brow hairs into place. You want to use a fine brush for precision. Elleebana’s micro brush is just the right fineness for reshaping the brow hairs.

Incorrect Aftercare

Be sure to mix the Elleeplex ReGen with step 2. Elleeplex ReGen is a deep conditioner containing amino acids, peptides, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and natural extracts. It nourishes the brow hairs and encourages growth. Apply Elleeplex Aftercare clear mascara after the treatment and upsell your client with one to take home to keep their brow lamination looking fabulous for weeks to come.

In addition, you’ll want to give your client one of our Brow Lamination Aftercare Flyers, which contains all the information they need to care for their laminated brows at home. If your client doesn’t follow this aftercare advice, their results won’t last as long, so make sure to stress the importance of following the aftercare instructions.

Are you ready to get started with brow lamination? At Elleebana Store USA, you can find all the tools and supplies you need to perform brow lamination treatments. Shop today for Elleeplex Profusion and other brow lamination essentials!

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