The Importance of Eyebrow Lamination Aftercare

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The Importance of Eyebrow Lamination Aftercare

Brow lamination is one of the latest trends in the beauty industry. Brow lamination allows you to create symmetry, correct hairs that follow a unique and undesirable direction, or give a voluminous, full, fluffy, or feathered finish.

As with all treatments, brow lamination aftercare is essential to achieving great results. The importance of eyebrow lamination aftercare is something that you shouldn’t understate. Here are some of our top tips to help your clients maintain their beautifully laminated brows.

What’s Brow Lamination?

Lamination is the equivalent of a perm for your brows. A beauty artist uses a Cysteamine Hydrochloride-based solution to relax the brow hairs and then grooms them. This lifts the brows and fixes them into a set, semi-permanent shape. Often, the stylist will tint the brows after lamination for that extra wow factor.

Why Is Aftercare Important?

So why is eyebrow lamination aftercare important? As with any chemical hair treatment, the disulfide bonds in the hair are being broken down. During the first 24-48 hours post-treatment, certain actions can disrupt the lamination process and lead to unsatisfactory results. For beautiful, long-lasting eyebrows, it’s crucial that clients follow proper aftercare instructions!

How To Care for Brows After Lamination

Fortunately, caring for brows post-treatment is easy. Pick up some of our brow lamination aftercare flyers and arm your clients with these handy tips to ensure their newly laminated brows last.

Stay Away From Hot Water

Your client needs to avoid hot water and steam for the first 24-48 hours post-treatment. If possible, they should avoid showering and washing their face, but if these are necessary, they should use low pressure and lukewarm water and avoid rubbing the eye area.

No Touching

Touching their face is another no-no. Avoid aggressive rubbing or prodding. However, slow, soft dabbing movements are OK. Stomach or side sleepers will need to compromise for a short while and sleep on their back, and eye masks are also something to avoid. If it involves something pressing against the eye area for an extended time, don’t do it!

Avoid Harsh Products

For the best results, steer clear of retinol, vitamin A, AHA’s, BHA’s, and steroid creams for 48 hours. Your clients should avoid brow makeup for at least 48 hours. If they wear other makeup, they should only remove it with Elleebana Make Up Remover, which is gentle enough to not strip the tint or disturb the lamination process.

Nourish the Brows

While our brow lamination products are as gentle as possible, the chemicals can still break down the brow hairs. To bring them back to full strength, encourage your clients to condition their brows with the powerful and nourishing Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare Formula. This will keep their brows healthy and ensure their lamination results last longer.

If you need brow lamination products for your salon, Elleebana Store USA has what you need. Shop today for our revolutionary Elleeplex Profusion Lash and Brow Lamination products. Don’t forget to grab some of our Belmacil or Elleeplex Profusion tints and aftercare flyers to hand out to your clients as well!

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