Thick or Thin Brows: When To Recommend Each to a Client

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Thick or Thin Brows: When To Recommend Each to a Client

Thick brows. Thin brows. Both types have their pros and cons. If your client wants a brow makeover, you may wonder which thickness to recommend to them. Here’s what you need to know about both thicknesses and who they befit to help you choose whether to recommend thick or thin brows to your client.

Thin Brows

While not nearly as popular today, pencil-thin brows were once widely revered for their dainty, refined charm. There are several benefits to having thin brows. For one, they make the face appear more symmetrical. They also accentuate the eyes, making them seem larger and more emotive.

Thin brows work best on clients with smaller eyes, gentler facial features, and round or oval faces. Because thin brows take more time to maintain than thicker, bushier ones, your client will also need to spend a lot of time on TLC if they want to pull off this look long-term.

Thick Brows

Full, thick brows are a more recent trend that first took off in the early 2000s. Thicker, natural-looking brows tend to make the face look fuller and more youthful. They work well on practically everyone, but folks with sharper, standout features, like pointy chins and full cheekbones, will look particularly nice with them. Maintenance-wise, thick brows are less time-consuming than thin brows. Your client can let them grow out and trim them when they become too thick for their tastes.

Which To Recommend

So, when should you recommend thin or thick brows to a client? First, you should ask your client what kind of look they want to achieve. Do they want to make their face look gentler? Fuller? Younger? Next, examine their face. What do their brows look like currently? What’s their face shape? Are their facial features gentle or sharp?

Based on your observations, recommend a thickness that will give your client the look they want while also complementing their face. For example, if a client wants to look younger and has more prominent features, thick brows will likely suit them best.

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