Lash Lifts vs. Extensions: How To Help a Client Choose

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Lash Lifts vs. Extensions: How To Help a Client Choose

Lash lifts give a soft, natural, beautifully curled look, and extensions are great for clients that want a bold, stand-out makeover. Both lash lifts and extensions have their perks—so how do you help your client choose between them? If you need help recommending the most beneficial lash treatment to your salon clients, we’re here to lend a hand. Below, we go over the pros and cons of both treatments and the questions you should consider when choosing one to recommend.

What’s a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that many describe as a perm for the lashes. During a lash lift, the licensed professional cleans the lashes, brushes them back onto a shield or rod, and covers them in a lifting solution (only ¾ of the way up) that breaks down the protein bonds in the lash hairs. This makes the lashes more malleable, which allows the professional at work to reshape them. The professional stylist can then curl the lashes from base to tip, then set the new shape with a second setting solution.

The gentle, natural curl that lash lifts provide makes the lashes appear fuller and longer. Generally, lash lifts last four to six weeks, but depending on how quickly a client’s lashes grow out, they can last as long as 8 weeks!

Apart from the treatment’s longevity, there are other benefits to getting a lash lift, including the following:

Works for All Lash Types

A lash lift will work on anyone, no matter how healthy their natural lashes are or what their natural lashes look like.

Low Maintenance

Lash lifts last a long time and require minimal care, which makes them ideal for clients who lead busy lives and don’t have a lot of time for regular maintenance. The easiest and quickest way to maintain the lashes is to apply Elleeplex Aftercare clear mascara.

A Beautiful Natural Look

A lash lift will visibly curl and lift your client’s lashes, but not to the point where it looks unnatural.

A Quick Treatment

Using Elleeplex Profusion, you can perform a lash lift in about an hour from the time your client arrives until they walk out the door. Extensions, on the other hand, can take well over an hour to apply.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Unlike lash lifts, extensions add actual length and volume to the lashes by extending them artificially. During a lash extension treatment, a licensed professional will take segments of artificial lashes—called extensions—and attach them to the natural lash with lash glue.

Extensions come in a wide variety of materials, including silk, mink, fox, and PBT—a type of polyester. You can also find extensions available in various thicknesses, lengths, curls, and colors.

Professionally done extensions generally last four to six weeks depending on the client’s lash cycle. There are plenty of reasons to recommend extensions to your client, such as the following:


Extensions allow your client to customize their look: they can choose the exact length, volume, curl, and color they want.

Completely Change Their Look

Extensions provide more dramatic results than lash lifts. If your client wants to change their look completely, lash extensions can help them do that.

No Need for Mascara

Because extensions add length, volume, and color to the lashes, your client won’t need to use mascara to get that fluffy, lifted look.

How to Help a Client Choose

Lash lifts or extensions? How do you help your client choose? Asking the following questions can help you figure out which treatment will provide the best results:

What’s the Condition of Your Client’s Natural Lashes?

Are your client’s natural lashes long and healthy? Or are they short, weak, and brittle?

If your client has short or weak lashes, then extensions may not work on them. There won’t be enough room on super-short lashes to apply the glue and lash fans. On top of this, weak lashes won’t be able to bear the extra weight of the extensions, which can lead to damage and visible drooping.

Lash lifts, on the other hand, work with what your client already has, and anyone can get them, no matter the condition of their natural lashes. So if your client has shorter, weaker lashes, a lash lift may be the best suggestion.

How Much Do They Want To Alter Their Look?

Does your client want a dramatic look with long, heavily curled lashes? Or would they prefer something subtler and more natural-looking?

If your client is seeking the former, they may prefer the benefits extensions offer. Extensions allow your client to add length, volume, and curl to their lashes and even fully alter their lashes’ color.

But if your client is looking for something more natural, a lash lift will give them the look they’re envisioning.

Do They Want To Try a New Color?

If so, both treatments can potentially work for your client. Lash lifts can pair with lash tints, which can enhance your client’s lash color and also come in Green, Red, and Blue. However, if they want a bolder change, extensions may be the better fit. Extensions come in all colors of the rainbow and are very vibrant.

How Sensitive Is Their Skin?

If your client has sensitive skin or allergies, consider the materials and tools used in each treatment.

With lash lifts, you need to consider silicone allergies, as the lash shields and rods can potentially trigger a reaction. Additionally, you need to ensure your client is not allergic to any of the chemicals used in the lifting and setting formulas. A patch test will ensure the procedure is safe to perform on your client.

For extensions, you need to ensure the glue and extensions won’t cause a reaction. Generally, however, extensions are the better way to go if your client is extremely sensitive, as you can easily choose another glue or extension material instead of swapping out all your formulas.

How Much Time Do They Have To Devote to Maintenance?

If your client is a busy person, lash lifts may be the better choice for them, as the amount of time they’ll need to dedicate to care is minimal after the first 24–48 hours. Plus, they’ll only need to come in for a new lift every 4-6 weeks.

Extensions require a bit more care—your client must clean and brush them every day, and your client will probably need to visit your salon every couple of weeks for an infill.

Now you are informed on the differences between lash lifts and extensions and how to choose which one to recommend for your clients. If you need supplies, at Elleebana Store USA, we have the tools and formulas you need for your lash lift clients. We have Elleeplex Profusion kits along with lash glue, lash rods and shields, lifting tools, and the nourishing Elleeplex ReGen. We also carry Elleebana lash lift refills so you can refill what you need, when you need it. Shop today for top-notch lash products to stock your salon with.

Lash Lifts vs. Extensions: How To Help a Client Choose

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