Tips and Tricks To Get the Perfect Lash Lift

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Tips and Tricks To Get the Perfect Lash Lift

Lash lifts give your clients long, thick, natural-looking lashes without the use of extensions or mascara. But like all procedures, the results of a lash lift rely heavily on the person performing them! By using these tips and tricks to get the perfect lash lift, you can ensure your clients leave with phenomenal results every time.

Clean the Lashes

Before lifting, clean your client's brows using Elleebana’s foaming Make Up Remover and let them dry. Dirt, oils, and other soils on the lash hairs can cause the lifting solution to work incorrectly, making this a crucial first step.

Use the Right Rod

Our next tip for getting the perfect lash lift is to use the correct size rod or shield. The rods and shields are what you use to separate, lift, and curl the lashes. While a medium-sized rod or shield will work for most clients, others may need a smaller or larger rod or shield based on their lash length and eye shape.

Know Your Processing Time

Elleebana has two products you can use for lash lifts: One Shot and Elleeplex Profusion. Each has different processing guidelines. Generally, One Shot provides faster processing times, but Profusion is more gentle on the lashes with less chance for overprocessing. You should adjust the processing and set time for each treatment according to the health and density of your client’s lashes.

Nourish the Lashes

Post-treatment, you'll want to nourish the lashes to promote fast, healthy growth. We recommend using ReGEN, a conditioning plant-based formula, for optimal lash health. Apply it after removing the setting solution and let it sit for three minutes before removing. The ReGen may be combined with Step 2 in the Elleeplex Profusion system. Your client can also use Elleevate Mascara daily for an extra boost!

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