Aftercare Directions To Give Your Clients After Lash Lifts

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Aftercare Directions To Give Your Clients After Lash Lifts

Thanks to your professional touch and Elleebana's top-quality products, your client is about to leave your salon with fab-looking lashes. There’s one more thing you should give them before they go: aftercare tips! Here are four essential aftercare directions to give your client after their lash lift so they’re able to take care of their new, breathtaking lashes at home.

Stay Away From Water

For the first 24 to 48 hours after their lash lift, your client will need to avoid water and steam, as moisture can relax the lift and make it lose its form. Activities to avoid include showering, bathing, swimming, and sitting in a sauna.

No Stomach Sleeping

The next post-lash lift aftercare direction to give your clients is to avoid sleeping stomach-down. If your client rests with their face pressed into a pillow or mattress, their setting lashes may change direction or shape.

Don't Poke or Prod

We understand. The urge to touch newly lifted lashes is intense! Too much poking and prodding can irritate the eye area and lead to wonky, uneven lashes. The occasional gentle touch is okay, but advise your client not to roughly rub their eyes.

Avoid (Most) Skincare & Makeup

For 24 to 48 hours, your client will need to steer clear of most skincare and makeup products. No shampoo, creams, face wash, or mascara. However, they can—and should—use Elleeplex and/or Elleevate Mascara daily. These products are gentle and will nourish the lashes, making them appear shinier and healthier.

After 24 to 48 hours, your client can wear all the makeup they want and resume their normal skincare routine. However, it's best for them to avoid oil-based products.

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