Elleeplex Profusion

Please click this link and watch the video before purchasing or using our Elleeplex Profusion products.

    Elleebana Store USA has all the lash and brow lamination products you need, including full, mini, and starter Elleeplex Profusion brow lamination kits.

    Here is an example of processing times for an Elleeplex Profusion lash lamination service for ease of reference:

    Step1/Step2 combined with ReGen - Next Gen

    Fine Lashes: Step 1, 5-8 minutes. Step 2, 5-8 minutes

    Medium Lashes: Step 1, 8-12 minutes. Step 2, 6-10 

    Strong Lashes: Step 1, 12-15 minutes. Step 2, 8-12 

    So as you can see in the examples given, it shows that if you normally use ReGen for step 3 for 3 minutes with the Elleebana Lash Lift System, the combining of the setting step together with the new Elleeplex ReGEN – Next Gen System has the total treatment time very similar.   

    Example Brow Lamination Processing Times 

    Fine Brow Hair - 4/4

    Medium Brow Hair 6/6

    Strong Brow Hair 8/6

    Contact us with any questions you may have regarding Elleeplex Profusion lash and brow products.