Professional Lash and Brow Products

Find the professional lash and brow products for your salon at Elleebana Store USA. From lash lift solutions to lamination solutions to tints, we carry a variety of high-quality products from the renowned Australian beauty brand Elleebana. Some of our most popular offerings include:

Elleebana One Shot

Elleebana One Shot is your go-to system for lash lifting. This system uses thioglycolate to gently break down the disulphide bonds in lash hairs and raise them up for a lifted look. Available as part of our professional lash lift kit!

Elleeplex Profusion

Use Elleeplex Profusion for all your lamination needs. Safe for use on both the lashes and brows, this product improves each hair’s fullness, thickness, and neatness.

Belmacil Tints

Help your clients' personalities shine through! Available in 10 vibrant shades, Belmacil tints let you color their lashes and brows any shade of the rainbow.

Shop our selection of professional lash and brow products today! With premium products, competitive prices, and fast shipping, Elleebana Store USA makes stocking your salon a hassle-free and efficient experience.