4 Reasons Why Your Beauty Salon Needs To Offer Lash Lifts

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4 Reasons Why Your Beauty Salon Needs To Offer Lash Lifts

If you want to attract more clients to your salon, one thing that can help is offering the latest trends. The lash lift is a treatment that's versatile, easy to do, and extremely popular with men and women alike. If that catches your interest, here are four reasons why your beauty salon needs to offer lash lifts to sell you on the idea.

Popular and Profitable

The versatility and effectiveness of lash lifts make them a very popular treatment. You don't have to worry about the service not attracting clients. Rather, you should worry about how you'll make time for all the business it brings to your salon!

Plus, lash lifts are a fantastic way to make money. A single lash lift kit (containing enough product for a minimum of 15-30 uses) will only cost $175 to $265, and with lash lift treatments prices at $65 - $100 and your cost at approx. $5-$6 per treatment, you can make a hefty profit! And don't forget to pair lash lifts with other treatments such as lash tinting to boost your profits even more.

Great for a Variety of Clients

Not all treatments suit all clients. Extensions, for example, don't work well with thin, short, or droopy lashes. One reason why your beauty salon needs to offer lash lifts is because they work with just about every eye and lash type. This means they'll attract a wide variety of clients to your salon.

Easy To Learn

Learning how to do lash lifts takes skill and patience, but as a licensed beauty artist, you have both of those traits already! There are many resources available to those who want to learn how to perform lash lifts, including professional training courses you can take online or in-person.

Pairs Well With Other Services

Yet another perk of lash lifts is that they pair well with other treatments, including tinting, microblading, and permanent makeup. Whenever a client comes in for another brow or lash treatment, you can upsell lash lifts; the same goes for vice versa.

Looking to get started with lash lifts? Start by signing up for one of our professional lash lift training courses. A Lash Lift Starter kit or Lash and Brow Lamination starter kit is included with the purchase of the course. Once you have your certification, you can advertise that you are an Elleebana Certified Stylist and have your information posted on the official Certified Stylists page for free advertising!

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