How To Know Which Brow Tint Color To Recommend to Clients

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How To Know Which Brow Tint Color To Recommend to Clients

For clients who want full and colored brows, brow tinting is a fast, effective, and long-lasting way to get them. But to achieve spectacular results, choosing the right tint color is essential. If you’re a beauty artist who wants to offer tinting services at your salon but aren’t sure how to choose the best tints for your clients, don’t fear. We’ve put together this guide that teaches you how to know which brow tint color to recommend to your clients in addition to providing some prep and aftercare tips for tinting. Keep this advice in mind, and you’ll be a brow tinting pro in no time!

How To Choose the Right Tint

The general rule is that you should use a tint that’s the same color but two shades darker than the client’s hair. As with any rule, exceptions do exist. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a tint color.

What’s Their Current Hair Color?

One of the most important considerations when recommending a brow tint is your client’s current hair color and shade. Assuming your client wants a natural result, the best tints for natural hair colors are:


If your client has platinum blonde hair, darkening the brows by one shade will enhance their overall appearance. Using belmacil light brown will make their brows look dark and full without straying too far from the color of the hair on their heads. For dark blondes, we recommend richer and warmer shades like honey brown.


Brunettes can bump up the shade of their brows a notch or two. Warm and subtle shades work best for light brown hair, while rich and dark shades complement medium-to-dark brunettes. Generally, the cooler the shade of a client’s hair, the darker their brow tint should be. We recommend dark brown mixed with a touch of black.


Most redheads don’t have matching red brows. More often, their brows are a pale blonde or an auburn brown. If your client has copper-toned hair, we recommend a darker copper brown for the brows like light brown mixed with a touch of red. But if your client’s hair is more of a crimson tone, opt for a Elleeplex Profusion Auburn color. Auburn redheads tend to look best with brown brows.


People with black hair tend to have brows that match. While they can darken their brows a shade or two, lightening them is a difficult feat. Clients who have black hair look great with their brows as is, so there usually isn’t much reason to tint them! For a WOW effect mix Black and Violet for a rich, shiny, luscious color.

What’s Their Skin Tone?

A client’s skin tone can also influence the best tint color for their brows. Colors that are too light can look strange on a client with rich dark skin, while overly dark colors will stand out (and not necessarily in a flattering way) on clients with fair skin. Additionally, brows that are too pale can create a “no-brows” look on light-skinned clients, while medium to dark brown tones can blend into darker skin.

What’s Their Brow Hair Like?

Does your client have thick, resistant, or grey brow hairs? Or do they have fine, receptive, and light brow hairs? Coarse or grey hairs will take longer to accept a tint, while fine hairs will process faster and darker. Generally, the more resistant the hair, the darker the tint you choose should be, and the more receptive the hair, the lighter the tint should be for best results.

What’s Their Desired Effect?

Of course, you also need to keep your client’s wishes in mind. They may want to lighten their already pale brows or go with an eccentric color like violet, blue, or green. If you don’t think their choices will look good on them, you can give them your honest opinion. This will help them make a more informed decision. But in the end, the decision is theirs to make. If they want fun and interesting brows over a more natural look, embrace their adventurous spirit and individuality!

Custom Is Fine

Does your client want or need a custom shade? No worries—you can mix tints to get your desired color. No need to compromise!

Preparing the Brows for Tinting

Now that you know which brow tint colors to recommend to clients, you can help your client pick a color. And once they pick a color, you can move on to the next step in the tinting process: preparing your client’s brows for treatment!

Do a Patch Test

We recommend a patch test to start with. This is to check if your client is allergic to the tint. To perform a patch test, apply a small amount of tint to the inner elbow or behind the ear for 10 minutes and then rinse it off. Instruct the client to wait 48 to 72 hours and report whether they experience irritation in the area tested. If irritation occurs, you shouldn’t proceed with the tinting treatment.

Clean Brows Are Easily Tinted Brows

Always cleanse the brows thoroughly before the treatment. It’s best to use Elleebana’s Make up remover to ensure you have a clean canvas to work with. Ask your client to arrive at their appointment with no makeup and wash their face to remove any oily residue from facial cleansers or other facial products. 

Aftercare Tips

You want your client’s results to last, and they want their results to last, too! You can help your clients care for their tinted brows by providing them with a pamphlet containing detailed aftercare instructions as well as upsell them an Elleeplex clear aftercare gel.

Clients should avoid getting their brows wet or applying brow products for the first 24 hours after tinting. They should also avoid touching their brows for the same period of time. Oil-based products should be avoided for the duration of the tint, as these can break down the tint and cause the color to prematurely fade. Finally, you should advise them to come back for another tint treatment in four to six weeks or when they notice their tint starting to fade.

With these tips in mind, you can create stunning tinted brows for your clients. But, of course, for truly exceptional results, you need top-quality products you can count on. Elleebana Store USA carries Belmacil and Elleeplex Profusion tints that create amazing results that will leave your clients in awe. Shop with us today for Belmacil and Elleeplex Profusion tint kits and other brow tinting necessities!

How To Know Which Brow Tint Color To Recommend to Clients

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