The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Trends for 2023

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The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Trends for 2023

The beauty industry is ever-changing. What was hot one minute is uncool the next, and century-old trends you thought were dead can revive out of thin air. How does anyone keep up with this erratic tide of trends?

It’s impossible to predict upcoming trends with a hundred percent certainty. But by looking at what people are posting online and what popular fashion icons are sporting, you can get a general feel for what’s trendy and what’s not.

With the new year fast on our heels, you may wonder what trends people will turn to in 2023. In this ultimate guide to eyebrow trends for 2023, we cover seven hot trends that we predict will take the beauty industry by storm.

The All-Natural Look

Groomed and treated brows look lovely, but constantly maintaining them can be time and money consuming. For this reason, many have embraced the all-natural look and are celebrating how their brows look bare and untamed. Achieving a natural look is simple—just leave the brows be!

For those who want a natural—but neat—look, groom your brows daily with a comb or spoolie with our Elleefix Brow Styling Wax and occasionally trim with a brow razor or tweezers. This is a quick, low-effort way to achieve a well-groomed appearance.

Super-Skinny Brows

In the early 90s and Y2K years, razor-thin brows were all the rage. Now, they’re coming back in style! This trend involves tweezing or trimming the brows until they’re extremely thin. Skinny brows lift the eyes and emphasize the structure of the face, making the wearer look sharper, refined, and more mature.

The only downsides of these brows are that they require a lot of care to maintain, and that over-plucked brows may never grow back to their original thickness naturally.

Full and Fluffy Brows

Seems contradictory, doesn’t it? This year’s trends cover all ends of the spectrum, as both pencil-thin and impressively thick brows are on people’s radars.

There are a few ways to fluff up the brows. Using brow powder or pencil to fill in sparser areas is one. Alternatively, microblading, lamination, and tinting with Henna can also make the brows appear thicker and darker.

Thick brows have the opposite effect of skinny brows. They fill out the face and widen the eyes, making the wearer’s face look rounder and more youthful.

Tinted and Bleached Brows

Latest trends have also seen people adding or removing color from their brows with tints and bleach.

Vibrantly colored brows are especially trendy, and cosmetic wearers can tailor their makeup to match the shade of their brows for a striking, elevated look. While most opt for one solid hue, rainbow ombre brows are also rising in popularity. But tints don’t have to be bold. People are also turning to tints to subtly enhance their natural color and make their brows appear richer and darker.

On the other hand, bleaching is another trend that’s making a comeback. On both light and dark-skinned individuals, bleaching turns brows a blonde shade that blends into the skin. Depending on the slant of your brows, this can either provide a soft, youthful look or a very mature, intense look. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry have all had bleached brows at one point. Check out their before and after photos to see how bleaching can dramatically change someone’s look!

Neatly Laminated Brows

Lamination is a popular treatment that involves breaking down the chemical bonds of brow hairs to make them more malleable, then grooming them into a more flattering shape and direction. People compare lamination to a lash lift or a perm for the brows, since it creates a similarly fluffy and lifted effect. One huge perk of lamination is that it benefits brows of all kinds. It can tame unruly ones or fill in sparse ones.

Straight Brows

Also known as "the Audrey Hepburn," straight brows became popular from her look in the 1954 movie Sabrina. Straight brows are brows that—as the name implies—have minimal, subdued arches. This look is accomplished by shaving off part or all of the tail, the tapered part of the brows close by the ears. This brow style has a soft shape, and because it lifts the tail, it also lifts and widens the eyes. Essentially, it’s the best of skinny brows and thick brows combined.

Many celebs, including the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and pop superstar Ariana Grande, are fans of the straight-brow look. And because it’s a universally flattering trend, you or your salon clients can rock it, too.

Microbladed Brows

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure for the brows. During the procedure, a professional scratches pigment into the skin underneath the brows using a blade-like tool covered in tiny needles. Sounds scary, we know—but you’ll be relieved to hear the tool is small and looks like a fancy, innocuous pen.

Microblading is basically a temporary tattoo for the brows. It makes the brows look thick, full, and groomed. And because it’s long-lasting and requires minimal upkeep, people with microbladed brows can just roll out of bed and head out looking flawless.

Of course, like all procedures, microblading has its cons—namely that it’s invasive and potentially painful. But as they say, beauty is pain, so those that can tolerate a bit of discomfort may consider this a tempting option!

Hopefully, this ultimate guide to eyebrow trends for 2023 has helped you prepare for the upcoming new year! With information about all these soon-to-be beauty trends in your pocket, you can plan your brow looks for 2023 or stock your salon with the supplies you need to help others achieve their dream looks.

If you want to help your salon clients keep up with the trends this coming year, Elleebana Store USA has what you need. We’re an authorized Elleebana distributor that sells their full line of high-quality, expertly made formulas and tools in North America. Whether you need Belmacil tints to make a client’s brows boldly colorful or a lamination kit for a client who wants neater, thicker brows, shop with us. Our products help provide stellar results that will have your clients looking cool and trendy.

The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Trends for 2023

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