Elleebana Eyebrow Henna

Elleebana Eyebrow Henna isn't just colorful; it's also amazingly healthy for hair. It comes in five highly pigmented shades—black, blonde, dark brown, light brown, and natural brown—and has a safe, restorative formula specially designed to strengthen hairs and encourage shapely brow growth. These tints are made by extracting coloring agents from the leaves and flowers of the henna plant. Unlike regular tints, which work by opening hair cuticles and allowing colorants to seep through, henna sits gently on top of the hair shaft. This is much gentler on the hairs but provides the same amazing results. If you're searching for a professional henna brow kit to help your clients achieve thick, full, and beautiful brows, shop with Elleebana Store USA. Our Elleebana Brow Henna kit comes with everything you need for an effective and effortless tint. Contact us with any questions you may have about Elleebana Eyebrow Henna.